The Secret of Being Young - Doing Scalp Massage Frequently

by Malissa Lee

Low hair volume, bifurcation, hair loss, grey hair...There are countless hair problems that we need to face during the life. In fact, scalp massage is an effective way

to avoid such problems. Massage the scalp also can actually relax and relief your stress. This time I will introduce to you how to massage the scalp to achieve hairdressing and rejuvenation effects.

I think most people have the experience of gently massaging their temples when they are tired or want to relax. In fact, our body naturally understands that massaging the scalp will have the benefits of eliminating fatigue and relaxing. In addition, it is generally believed that scalp massage can also promote blood circulation and help improve hair quality problems. Scalp massage has many different effects, we would like to point our some in the following.

Scalp massage effect ① No scalp or hair problems

Dry scalp causes dandruff to increase, becomes sticky, emits an unpleasant odor, recently lost or lost hair, and grey hair becomes obvious, etc. There are many scalp or hair troubles. In addition to problems with the scalp, these problems may be caused by eating habits or lifestyle habits. In addition to scalp massage, it is also necessary to change the shampoo and re-examine your eating habits. Conversely, people who currently do not have these problems can also use scalp massage to maintain the health of the scalp and prevent problems.

Scalp massage effect ② Promotes blood circulation

Scalp massage can improve blood circulation. The blood circulation of the scalp becomes better, and the circulation of body fluids such as blood can also be improved, thereby eliminating chills, body tension, edema or stiffness. In this way, by allowing the body's functions to operate normally, it can activate the hair-making cells on the inner side of the scalp and promote the possibility of regaining beautiful hair.

Scalp massage effect ③ Reducing stress or fatigue

Because the head is full of various acupuncture points, in addition to improving eye fatigue or headache, it also has the effect of promoting blood circulation. Therefore, massaging the scalp can also make people feel comfortable, as if the pressure disappears in one breath, the mood becomes relaxed. In fact, by improving blood circulation and expanding blood vessels, blood pressure will also decrease, so the fatigue will disappear. Scalp massage not only improves the health of the hair and scalp, it also helps the whole body.

Scalp massage effect ④ Helps to improve sleep quality

About 1 in 10 people suffer from chronic insomnia, the rate of insomnia between women and the elderly tends to increase. Since scalp massage can reduce stress and eliminate fatigue, it can also improve sleep quality. Especially for those of you who are troubled by this problem, by making scalp massage a part of your daily habits, you may be able to greatly improve your falling asleep.


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